Brigid O'Brien Moore - Wardrobe Stylist & Musician


When I started brainstorming ideas for Supervirgo, I thought it'd be interesting to bother as many talented women as possible by coming over to their workspace, taking photos of them, and asking questions like, " do you do it?".

That little dream became a reality (after working on my question-writing skills). Brigid (pronounced Brigg-id) is one of the first ladies I came to bother in her adorable studio space.


Tell me about what you do for work, and any other creative endeavors you're currently involved in.

I'm a wardrobe stylist living and working in LA. I moved here about 6 years ago after securing an internship with a stylist I admired. In addition to that, I am in a band with my family, Mollie O'Brien, Rich Moore and Lucy Moore, I love to sew (I'm working on caftans - my summer uniform) I make collage art, and I DJ when I can on KCHUNG.

What kind of productions do you typically style for?

For the past couple years, I've been styling advertising and commercial print projects. I also like to do lookbooks, e-commerce and small editorials.

Which kind gets you the MOST excited?

I love doing more creative editorial stuff that can tell a story. The less rules the better.

Agreed. Any secrets/tricks/tips relating to styling that you could share to gals like me who don't know a ton about it?

Find a uniform!

What would be your #1 advice to stylists that are just starting out in the industry?

Try a lot of different things and have an open mind. You have to eat and pay rent, so you'll have to take jobs that might be dictated by a corporate client, or where the clothes are not the main focus, or where it's not totally up your alley. Balance these with fun projects that you really care about, and it'll be worth it. And, be nice to people! It makes things so much easier.

Styled by Brigid, 'Age of Atoms' by Lauren Naylor for Hunger Magazine.

Styled by Brigid, 'Age of Atoms' by Lauren Naylor for Hunger Magazine.


Wardrobe styling is a field widely known to be dominated by females and gay men. In the respect of equal opportunities for all genders—What are your thoughts on straight males trying to make it in this industry? Do they have a disadvantage being the underdog?

The old fashioned stereotype that clothes and fashion are for only women and gay men is something I see at work a lot, but when you take a step back and see styling as an artistic means to creating a beautiful image, the job is for everyone, right?

Challenging what society labels "masculine", and how we reassign our roles under a traditional power structure are important steps towards dismantling the patriarchy.

I see the modern fashion industry taking a turn towards exciting, feminist territory - removing gender specifics, diversifying runways, rejecting fast fashion that exploits women around the world, employing more women and WOC at the top, including all kinds of bodies, and questioning beauty standards, among other things, and I'm excited to be a part of this new generation of thinkers.

Any exciting plans in your future?

I am working on opening a little shop in LA! I always looking for a place that inspires me when I walk through the door, a place where I can hear live music, attend an activist meeting, see my neighbors and friends, and buy clothes, plants, and other cool shit I haven't already seen everywhere else. I figured I'd just make my own dream store. Stay tuned!