Supervirgo unites women in every creative industry. 

Agency + community

What we'll offer:



We'll have monthly meetups, mixers & events. What will we do besides drink, eat & be merry? Special exhibits, weird activities, creative workshops, stimulating talks, and so much more. Community is key. LA is our oyster. 



A job listing platform that'll allow any member to list or apply for freelance or full-time gigs. We'll also have a separate message board hub where you can seek advice during those "I have no idea what I'm doing" moments. 



Need a place to work or shoot for a day, or a few hours? We'll host a platform that will affordably allow members to rent or list spaces short-term to work, shoot, & create. It's the perfect way to find that dream spot without draining your wallet or trespassing. 



learn from the best

We'll host exclusive content via SV LAND—our online zine— that delivers knowledge & first-hand experience from various LA female industry leaders & doers. Look out for interviews, how-tos, photo editorials, financial advice and some damn good feminist manifestos. 

freelancing is easy

Well, we all know that is a lie. But with Supervirgo—it's easier. Our purpose is to create new, longstanding business connections (and friendships!) that will simultaneously stimulate women-driven work and close the gender gap in Los Angeles. 2 birds, 1 stone baby. 


Members in diverse creative fields, such as:


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